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FINALWORKER.COM is dedicated to providing employers and job seekers with a variety of options relating to the human resource management process. Designed primarily to equip employers with an additional tool for conducting background checks on prospective employees, the site facilitates communication between both parties by affording them the opportunity to interact. Our primary objective is to ensure transparency in the job application process by furnishing employers with an independent source of verifying information submitted by job seekers.

Employers May

  • Post job vacancies online
  • Access the database of applicants
  • Access the employment history of applicants
  • Submit information on current employees
  • Terminate an employee and post information online

Job Seekers May

  • Post resumes
  • Search for vacancies
  • Specify areas of job interest

How does it work?

This site is powered by information provided by current and/or former employers, as well as job seekers. This information is then stored for an indefinite period of time and is disseminated in keeping with the terms and conditions of use as set out in our Terms of Use Agreement.

The primary objectives are to:
  • Maintain accurate files on job seekers
  • Update and store information on both employers and job seekers
  • Verify the work history of job seekers
  • Match job seekers with potential employers

how do I Start?

Getting started is as easy as ABC; all that is required is for you to register either as an employer or a job seeker, utilizing our easy-to-use registration process. Once you have registered as an employer, you may post information on current or former employees or post job offerings.

If you are registered as a job applicant, you may upload your resume along with information on the area in which you are seeking employment. In the case of job applicants, we match your job request with that of potential employers and inform them of your interest.